Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Blog Post 5: Part 2

As I had mentioned before in September, a PLN is a Personal Learning Network. Which basically means it is an informal learning network that consists of people that a learner interacts with and derives knowledge from a personal learning environment. Through this network of teachers you can receive any kind of advice or assistance in your teaching career. Most of these teachers will be willing to give you different project ideas for your classroom and just simple guidelines on how to run a successful and smooth classroom. During your time on the PLN, you can do the same as well and give others your advice and things that have worked well for you. Throughout my time in EDM 310, I began to follow some of my fellow classmates and instructor, Dr. Strange, on Twitter. This social media site as been my main tool that I like to use for PLN. My Twitter is continuing to grow with interactions of other EDM students and teachers around the world that will help me to become a successful teacher in my near future.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Project 9 Video Book Conversation

This is a re-do due to the other one not posting correctly but I am keeping it on there to show that I did it on time!

Group 3:
Our group was assigned to topic 8: In "Teaching Digital Natives", Marc Prensky asks "How should we connect technology to the curriculum?..."How could we teach for the future?" Here is a podcast of a conversation of our group and our thoughts about answering these questions.

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Blog Post 11

What Can We Learn About Teaching & Learning From These Teachers?

I watched multiple different videos this past week of teachers and their different teaching methods. Mr. Brian Crosby is a fourth grade teacher in Nevada and he assigned a project to his students to send a balloon into space. Brian is very involved with blogs and includes his class in them as well. The students were assigned multiple different steps but the most important step of this project was they had to post videos of them doing the project onto their class blog. Brian's video, I thought, was one of the more unique and interesting PBL related videos that I have watched. He actually shows what technology is really all about when he involves his classroom in projects through the blogs.

The next video I watched talks about the Blended Learning Cycle which is presented by Mr. Paul Anderson. He discusses throughout the video about the learning style that he has formed over the years from his past experiences and also the help from others and their experiences. Paul's blog had a lot of helpful information on it that had to deal with high school education sciences.

Schools such as Gulf Shores Elementary and Roosevelt Elementary are great examples of where teachers use PBL and technology in their classroom. I feel like we can learn a lot from these teachers with using PBL throughout the year in our classroom. By watching, learning, and listening to them about what they do and how they do it. All of these things have become a huge part of a successful classroom.